Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pencils, books and fellow strip club employees dirty looks

A great man once say: "Haters are every damn where! EVER DAMN WHERE! You feel me? Some of the people that are closest to you are haters and every damn time you be doing something with your life they've got some shit to say. Fuck haters! You feel me?" Mr. Kat Williams I tip my hat to you. For there are no truer word of wisdom when you work in a titty bar and it always does come with from the most unexpected places.

Lets start at the beginning shall we? I'm going back to school and granded I'm a little late in the game at 26 with not so much of a point of Gen Ed under my belt I've really got to get cracking with this. So my GM of the bar that I work at who is normally very nice to me desides for what ever reason to start up a converstion with me that went something like this:

"Hey Lilly, so what's with you why don't you work more." Which is kinda their job to keep us in there seeings how it's illegal for them to tells us when to work. Please other strippers keep that in your back pocket for later uses.

"Well I just come in to pay the bills there's nothing else that's worth coming in here for."

"Oh so you have like a sugar daddy or second job or something?" I really liked how he asked if I had a sugar daddy before a second job, that's my favorite!

"Uh no...."

And I also like being interuped that's always nice aswell. "So you're just happy with that just floating, uh?"

"Floating? What the hell am I homeless?" I really didn't know where the hell he was going with this.

"You know not really doing anything with your life"

"I'm going to school." I narrowed my eyes thinking he'd back off.

"Well how many classes are you taking?"

I feel as if there should be a lamp in my face and people yelling at me in a foreign launguages "Two, I'm starting off slow."

"Do you think that's enough?" the creepy thing about my GM is that I'm pretty sure he has no soul there not even a hint of emotion in the mans eyes, I'm very rearly unnerved by things like that cuz I work with a lot of people that are dead on the inside but I've never even seen this amount of lifelessness in some eyes that's still breathing.

"Uhmm yeah I'm fine with it and hey who's your basis of compersion? It's not like we're suround by go getters in here." I was please with myself until he started in on me not having a car and all the crazy would if's situations such as: lost a leg, death in the family, attacked by angry bees, sold in to sexaul slavary ect...

It went on for quite some time, and I'm not gonna lie I was pretty pissed about the whole thing, until I realized... he was a bouncer last year, and is 15 years older than me if not older and works in the same place as me works 40 hours weeks and I make almost the same amount of money that he does. WHAT A FUCKING HATER!!!!

But Wednesday is the day for pencils and books and I could give a fuck about haters looks.