Friday, April 4, 2008

Things I'm sooooooo in love with right now.

This freaking beautiful dress! I mean if I could just wear stuff like this everyday I really would the problem is finding said dress! But the color is enough to make my heart melt and red-orange is enough to just make me want to come out of my own skin!

Molotov Cocktease! She is my hero! If you haven't ever seen the show the Venture Bros. You haven't lived I tell you! But the long and short of it is Molotov Cocktease aside from having the coolest name EVER! Is a Rassian mercenary that is the love of Brock Samson's life, oh yeah and she killed Brocks partner, he killed her father and cut out her eye which he keeps in a jar by his bed. But she broke his heart.....such is love.

Pink Emo Hair.....I know I'm suppose to be so over this....but hey I'm the one who told them it wasn't a faze!

Luna Lovegood I've been getting into the Harry Potter thing lately and I've got to say...she's my favorite and I think I'm going to go all nerded out and dress up opening day....Yeah I'm going there scraf and shirt and all. What cha know about Ravenclaw!? What What?!

CupCakes.......I have no clue but I freaking love cupcakes.... and on that note.