Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making a movie!

So I'm in a film class and I get to make three 5 min films. One black and white silent, one color with music and one color with full sound. The people in my group are rad but I'm really hoping that they don't let me do what I tend to do which is unintentional run over people and there ideas. I really am trying not do that. It's just that I have a type "A" personality. I am the leader of Alfa wolf bitch squadern! I love and hate that about me.

Another thing is the teacher doesn't share my opinion on the slice of life film. He's more a everyone either dies or gets married there's no inbetween. So I really have to work on the disney ending thing. But otherwise I am sooooo exicited about my classes really . to make movies.....I mean to make movies it's just going to bring a level to what art I can bring to people...

I can't wait to start.