Sunday, August 24, 2008

You put your right foot in.....

So there's really a part of a relationship that I think everyone hates, well at lest I do and I'm known for projecting so bear with me. It's the part of the relationship that I like to call the Relationship Hookey-Pookey. That part of the relationship were it's all new and you really don't have any clue as to how to introduce the other person.

"Oh hi Bob! It's good to see you, this is good friend Bingo! Yeah that's it good friend."

When you both know damn well that you don't do the no pants dance with "good friends". Well, at least I don't. It's retarted! And it's not really like it's high school it really shouldn't matter. But for something that really shouldn't matter do to the fact that I'm a "grown-up" my feelings and the feelings of others have been trappled on more than once of the splitting of hairs that people seem to do.

When does hanging out become seeing someone? And when does seeing someone become dating? And when the hell did all this labling become so important to some people?

It's like this some people think it's okay to be seeing more than one person at once, fine. Dating is seeing if it's not your boyfriend?

It's all so confusing!!! and then another wrench in the works you have those crazy people that seem to be just fine with open relationships. How does that even come up? I'd really like to know how to spot one of those in a crowd and avoid them like the black death.

But when does someone become yours? I know that's an aweful way to put it, but hey I'm willing to be someones. It doesn't make it any less childish, it just makes it what I want. Oh, and I thought there would be a parade when I figured out what I wanted. Oh, well.