Thursday, February 28, 2008

The odd injuries that dancers acquired Vol. 1!

There are many odd things that happen while stripping. MANY MANY....MANY odd things one of them is all the odd injuries that we dancers seem to collect. From having Pole Burn to a collection of bruses and bumps to have the joints of an 80 year old woman.

Let's start with Pole Burn, it's kinda like smaller version of road rash mostlikly on the inner thigh or arm, you know that really tender areas. they stay there for a week or to.
pole tricks

This is a trick that you do to acquire a real nice set of pole burn.

after the pole dance

There's the pole burn, I've seen wayyyyy worse, shit I've had worse.

Knees there's a whole lot of shit that can and will go wrong with your knees. They will brused. You'll get water in it and that has to be drained....and let me tell you about the sexy accessorie that you get with water on the knee.

water on the kneec brace

And I'm just getting started!


Ryanne said...

Ahhh, yes. The hazards of every job. I don't usually get pole burn from teaching, but I do have other war wounds. Like right now as I sit at my computer I have a forearm that is slashed up from my class pet running up my arm, I have pen, ink, and whiteboard marker all over my hands, and pain in the legs and knees from standing on tile all day in my cute new boots. (Yep, we don't get to sit at desks anymore... they took them from our room). Today was a good day though, no chain reaction puking.