Thursday, October 2, 2008

Really?? Monday??? I mean freaking MONDAY??!!!

So my lover, and I use the word lover because the semantics of our thing. It's sooooo undefined so the word "boyfriend" is a big he ever no-no topic. And strange thing is it's not off topic via him, it's via me. I was at first coming out of my skin to have the are-we-an-us-yet? convo, as it turns out I turn anything the seems like it would be a relationship convo into talk of batman, obama, or my fav, comic book vs movie.

So Lover is leaving tonight for a wedding where he and his friend Batty (I have no clue if that's her real name, doubt it) designed the wedding dress. So in true gothic fashion ie: not having very many friends of their own, they fly both Batty and Lover to said wedding. the problem with that is that I've gotten use to seeing and knowing the biblical sense that is. It's wednesday now and I'm not going to see him until you guessed it, monday.

Fucking monday? Damn it. really? Okay and another other thing that's driving me up the wall, his going to a wedding....I know not WITH another girl. But really with Batty. and call me old fashion but I'm just gonna say it, you take the person you are fucking or going to be fucking to a wedding....or in Lover's case co-designer of the Brides dress whom has a boyfriend.....and I'm just being a crazy girl really.