Friday, December 12, 2008

Hair, Growing up and the death of the party too hard me.

Okay so I did the thing that every hairdresser knows that your not suppose to do, I started to booth rent with little to no clientele. I thought I was going to regret it but I forgot how much fun working a in salon could be, don't get me wrong it can be hell to if you hate the people that you work with but every one at House of Hair not only are the nice but they're not that TOO nice. You know that creepy too nice vibe when you first meet someone and they're too nice to you and it's almost as if you can see the devil behind there eyes. There's none of that.

Yeah they're all kooky in one way or another and everyone gets along.....they're normal crazy, it's nice to have that and not catty cunt crazy. Or maybe I'm just use to dealing with titty bar crazy and druggy crazy that another other than that is a pleasant surprise. ha ha.

Anywho after everything that's gone down in the last few months I'm starting to feel that everything is heading in the right direction. A rare feeling for me I usually feel like I'm reading a road map upside down and in greek. So go team me! I Still get to come and go as I please and I don't have to deal with as much shit. AND I'll always remember working cuz I'll never be drunk at work!

Speaking of work I haven't drank anything since tuesday, talk about a lush's achievement but I've cut back on my drinking by......alot. I wish I had something witty and clever to say about me being a drunk ass however it's just not happening. sorry folks. But as the days roll on that last five pounds that I've been at war with about a year that was becoming a nice gut are melting away. I guess the other girls had it right you can't just drink you have to do other drugs to stay stripper fit. Or any kind of fit what so ever. But then again I'm proud to say that I'm not a lifer of the bar seen being a drunk ass is really only cute for so long and in my case it was very rarely cute so much as kinda funny and sad all at once.

It will be nice walking in to a bar and not feeling like i'm at work, go out and have fun and see the next crop of party too hard girls and smile thinking "Oh that's not going to be so fun in the morning".

Ah, baby steps of growing up, how fun.


Oleander said...

You have been tagged, check out my blog to find out what to do next.