Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Anti-Lilly party....well it's a new way to shit on me I guess.

a party throw in my Dis-honor! woot!
what can I say to this save for this is how I'm living.....

So this month has been the craziest month ever I've been moving I was one of the vices someone gave up for lent (long story), one of my ex-friends keeps harassing me in ways that are so retarded that it's almost flattering.

So about this Ex-friend thing, first I'd like to say how middle school I feel even typing the work "ex-friend". But this is a person that would ignore my calls until it was three am and her and her boyfriend were in some kind of altercation mostly involving some kind drugs and alcohol induced rages on both of their parts. So the only time I'd hear from her is 3am drunk dialing or mass-chain mail text messages that weren't ever funny. The last straw came when she sent me some raciest one about Obama, "they're getting rid of the rose garden and putting in a water mellon patch!" oh...ha....ha....ha.

So I told her to loose my number. What dose she do..... have other people prank call me at 3am! About how I like black dick.....the woman is 32....this is the kinda stuff you hear about high school kids doing to one another and there isn't a person that she hangs with that is younger than her....making this all the better. This means grown ass folks don't have anything better to do than fuck with me....I'm a sick person because I really am deeply flattered by this...they even have Anti-lilly partys! yes parties thrown in my DIS-honer! they sent me pictures to prove it....