Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye neon.

I have made an executive decision that neon bikini's are out. I need something a bit more to feel seductive and since I'm obsessed with I figured I'd show rather than tell.
Strippers in to step it up a bit. out with just the two piece bikinis neon prints and spray tans. We need to be girly and feminine again, when did sport spice take over stripper gear? I say nay! I want to see Barbrella hair with lace and ruffles! Feux fur and glitter!

I'm bringing back glam not single handedly I think Dita Von Teese has got that covered what with single handedly bringing back burlesque. But I'm saying in my own person life.

Lets go to Bed by Lilly Holiday

I just want to wear things that make me forget that my life sucks sometimes and make my life even better when it's good.

Very very good by the looks of things

2 comments: Maegan said...

OH I Just love polyvore too!!!!! This one turned out spectacular! le sexy!

Chunks of Reality said...

I wish that I had the body to wear things like this. This past weekend I was in Victoria Secret's and just loved a little negligee they had. Good luck wearing it...I wouldn't even be able to get it past my head!!

I'm starting a women's boot camp this week. Hopefully that will help along with the already nutrition deal I have going. will take forever, though.

If I get down to where I want I would wear something naughty on my blog. LOLOLOL No, not really, but it's fun to think about.

I personally think neon is not good for you. You are so gorgeous and classy...wear what you are. :)