Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My fav song sets.

So girls dancing around to "Girls girls girls" and tool are fucking making me sick. No bitch you're not hard core cuz you dance to the Deftones. Along with neon bikinis I think a lot of the music needs to go. Not I want to do dirty things to Trent Reznor as much as the next grown up goth girl, however if I have to hear "Closer" one more fucking time I'm gonna choke someone with their own triangle top. Or the fucking Pussy Cat bitch I don't!

Set #1
The Knux- Cappuccino
The Knux- Hard days night

Set #2
Metric- Dead disco
Metric- Poster of a girl

Shinny Toy Guns- You are the one
Shinny Toy Guns- Photograph

Goldfrapp- Strict machine
Goldfrapp- Beautiful

Set# 5
Esthero ft. Andre 3000- Jungle book
Esthero- Bad Boy Clyde

The Pierces- Lights on
Fiest- One evening

The ting ting tings- Shut up and let me go
The ting ting tings- Great DJ

Kate Nash- Pumpkin soup
Ana Serrano van der Laan-Paradise

Nouvelle Vague- Dancing With Myself
Billie Holiday- Comes Love

Set# 10
Death from above 1979- Romantic rights
Death from above 1979- Sexy results

That's the ones that have been in heavy rotation for a weeks.


Chunks of Reality said...

How many sets do you do in one night? How long are the hours? I bet you must be so tired by the end of it all.

Chunks of Reality said...

By the way, I added you to my blogroll. I hope that you don't mind.