Monday, November 17, 2008

This is what I'm going to post in the dressing room at work.

Dear Class-less Cunt that stole my money,
We work in a place where we have the ability to make a shit ton of money, if you smile sweet enough to the right person and a lot of us are quite gifted in this. I am sad to report that I'm not really one of them. I suck at being a stripper, I'm no good at it I tell you, so I shouldn't need to tell to you that I don't make a lot of money. So the 150 bucks you stole from me. That was a big fucking deal. Why? Did you need money that bad? Single mother I hope? Well I don't give a fuck and I hope you and your baby have to sleep on rocks you dirty fucking thriving cunt.
I'm not expecting tearful remose I'm smart enough to know that I'm not getting to for you, like every other villian you wake up in the morning thinking of your self as right and just. Well you're not you're a peice of lying trash. You'll most likily smile to my face knowing full and well that it's my money now sittting in your gas tank and icebox, flithy cum cunt. I'll make more money, this is a menor set back, yes, not that big of a deal. But it's something that DIDN'T NEED TO HAPPEN AT ALL!!!! I've always had this way of looking at other dancers as a sister hood of down trotten girls that are using what ever wiles they posesse to make money to better what ever biazzar situation they seem to find themselves in. Why soil that? Look at the girl next to you. That is another human with a story just like yours, how dare you put your self above her or me. Why? How that fuck do people like you live? How do you look at yourself and think "I'm rad. I'm a good person that does good things. I totally deserve to be alive on this planet."?
Were you doing it out of spite? Knocking off of my high horse that I don't fucking have. I'm small potatos. I'm fucking gold fish in a koi pond. Was this to teach me that dancers are the evil things that we are in movies, tv, books and men's minds? Nay! You will not ruin my Ya-Ya feeling towards every other girl in this place.
I just wanted to get this out, I'm not making any threats, I'm going to waste my time trying to find you. Nay your punishment is simply being you and realizing that you're from underneith a diry scuzy compost pile and never being half the human being that me and most of these other girls are. I need you to know that your trash and I hope you know what a destructive person you are and I have a hope that you work on bettering yourself, doubtful how ever this coming from the girl that thinks at everyones core there is boundless amounts of good and the want to do right, that and I want to live in disenyland so as you can see I must be disconnected in someway.
I haven't been using the word cunt quite enough in your direction, cunt. Nay Thunder-Cunt. This letter is a bit like Dracula throwing a stick of dinomite in a kids tree fort. It's fucking Dracula, wasting his time throwing dinomite. He could being doing other shit I's fucking Dracula! But Dracula's so pissed he's throwing some fucking dinomite around. Ahhhhhh.....cunt. That's how pissed you've made me. I want to throw dinomite around....Dear Goddess I want you and your loved ones to be attacked by evil geese and all manner birds, you cunt trash pie. I want a squirel with all kinds of desies to go striaght for the fucking thoat. That'd be good. No I have it! I want you to have the best night of your dancing career how ever much that maybe then I want some to jack you for it. So all the things that you thought buy and bills you thought you'd pay, nope. Ha! Sounds zero fun uh? Yeah cuz it is zero fucking fun.
Love Lilly.


Hanna said...

i love your blog and had to follow it. who steal 150 dollars? what the fuck is wrong with people...